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Written By miskadi cindy on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 | 2:57 AM

daniel agger tattoo. daniel agger tattoo. daniel
  • daniel agger tattoo. daniel

  • ssss
    05-18 12:56 AM
    Your question is not clear. "her green card expires on the 21st of august"

    - She already got GC ? and expiring after five or 10 years? If so, the divorce will not impact the GC process.

    "she has an appointment on that day for what i think is to get her permanent residency"

    - If she is not yet getting her GC, then it will impact the GC. Either she has to be patient or lose it. Even after getting GC, if she goes for divorce immediately it will trigger investigation as if your friend married US citizen just to get the GC.

    This process is complicated and I dont think you can get the right answer in this forum. Better check with attoney.

    Probably he is talking about the conditional green card one gets after marrying a US citizen

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  • see below Daniel Agger#39;s

  • Munna Bhai
    12-03 12:24 PM
    Anyone with a detailed answer like logiclife spelled out here?

    No, you don't have to be employed while in EAD but do remember GC is future job, if have something to show them then you are safe.

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  • Daniel Agger. Larger image

  • roseball
    07-10 08:54 AM

    One of the clients is not considering EAD as a valid document to enter their facilities. Funny thing is their security team are ok if you have valid visa and I94 but not EAD.
    I think this is more of ignorance about EAD.

    Can some provide doucumentation which says discrimination of EAD is violation of Law? or some thing that says EAD is a valid document to work adn stay in the country.

    You can show them I-9 form where it list EAD as acceptable document for proof of employment eligibility.

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  • Daniel Agger: Tattoo you

  • uslegals
    11-11 09:14 AM
    Hello Friends,
    My current AP expires on 2/18/11. My PD (EB-2) has been current since Sept 2010 but no sign of GC yet. I would like to renew my AP and have decided to file myself Vs using the attorney. Has anybody used the e-filing option OR is it better to send in a hard copy of the application.?

    If somebody can kindly direct me to the appropriate links on IV for folks who have filed themselves - i would greatly appreciate that. Any advice on supporting documents, etc. would be really helpful.



    daniel agger tattoo. Daniel Agger Tattoo: Agger
  • Daniel Agger Tattoo: Agger

  • thomachan72
    09-07 11:30 AM
    Do you have a valid AP?
    If not, how is it possible to enter the country?

    It seems to be a complicated situation. What status are you in now? Dont you have an AP/EAD? Is it expired? Please provide more details here and also if you obtain any legal advice post that here also so that others know.

    daniel agger tattoo. daniel agger tattoo.
  • daniel agger tattoo.

  • Sachin_Stock
    09-03 01:21 PM
    Other EB2 threads have so much rejoicing going on, that we Eb3 folks are virtually left out as orphans!:mad:


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  • Daniel Agger agrees contract

  • beautifulMind
    06-29 11:24 AM

    daniel agger tattoo. Daniel Agger#39;s Tattoo Design
  • Daniel Agger#39;s Tattoo Design

  • ramaonline
    02-28 07:17 PM
    You can find some good info on the msn R2I message boards


    daniel agger tattoo. Daniel Agger Tattoo Photos .
  • Daniel Agger Tattoo Photos .

  • go_guy123
    10-21 04:32 PM
    Reviewed by the judiciary commitee... they are reviewing it...

    On asking about the timeline the lady at that no. said she
    didnt know by what time will they be done ...

    You profile has no information...

    daniel agger tattoo. daniel agger tattoo.
  • daniel agger tattoo.

  • Gravitation
    08-02 09:33 AM
    Congress has gone into unscheduled recess till Sept 8th. Then it'll be too close to elections. Once new congress is seated, all bills introduced before then will not have any standing. So, let's be realistic and not get too excited.


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  • Squad 07/08 - Daniel Agger

  • LostInGCProcess
    11-07 11:51 AM

    We have applied for AP on Oct 1st and its still pending .

    I have the following questions.

    1) Can we enter using the AP thats gets approved when we are outside the US
    2) How to expedite AP process other then business emergency as my wife is not working
    3) can she enter using H4 even though she has used AP and EAD before. is there any problem to GC
    4) I am going to India in Dec , assuming I get the AP by then is it ok for her to enter using h4 and myself AP.

    Thanks in Advance for your suggestions

    1) No.
    2) Other then an Emergency you can't expedite.
    3) If you are currently on H1, then she can enter on H4.
    4) Same answer as above. You can enter on AP, and if you continue to maintain H1 status, then she can enter on H4.

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  • [Liverpool Hunky] Daniel Agger

  • franklin
    07-21 08:33 PM
    I did a very similar thing.

    My h1b expires in sept 07, and an extension was applied in april 07. My PD became current in June, and I applied for AOS with AP and EAD.

    Approval for my H1B extension came through mid June (after AOS application) and only for 1 year (as opposed to 3 if my PD was not current).

    I now have AP approval and EAD is still pending, but I'm planning on using these to travel with when fully realized.


    daniel agger tattoo. daniel agger tattoo.
  • daniel agger tattoo.

  • newon
    07-21 11:52 PM
    Thank you all for your replies !!!!

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  • daniel agger tattoo. added a

  • lazycis
    02-12 03:42 PM
    I am not sure what my status is at present.

    I re-entered in US in Dec 12th 2007 with the I-94 stamped as valid till duration of H1. My H1 Visa expired on Feb 6th 2008.

    My company lawyer has filed for my H1 extension in Nov 2007 and I am still waiting.

    I do have the EAD permit and the AP which I presume is not being used at present.

    Please provide some guidance. My lawyer is not responding.

    First of all, you cannot be out of status while I-485 is pending. Your H1 status is expired so technically you do not have H1 status anymore. However, if extension is approved, it will apply retroactively and make your H1 status current as of Feb 7th. Oh, forgot to mention that you can still work for 240 days after H1 is expired and it will not be counted as status violation.


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  • Daniel Agger is a Tattoo

  • immiindi09
    01-09 04:47 PM
    Will it count at renewal or new application?

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  • Daniel Agger Tattoo. profile

  • gulute
    10-19 01:59 AM

    I am one of the July 2 filers. I need to go to India on 1st November. I was hoping that AP will come by that time. But there has been no progress on that. Just spoke to my Attorney. She said that USCIS does not have any facility to issue AP for an emergency.
    Then I called USCIS. I was told the same thing. The Customer Service representative said - I should go wherever I need to go. On arrival contact the local US Embassy and tell them that you need AP to travel back. They will "guide you".
    On this forum I have read about INFOPASS many times. I was hoping to use that facility if I did not get AP in time. I am trying to find out if anybody actually used INFOPASS to meet a local Immigration Officer and got AP on an emergency basis.
    No theoretical guesses please.


    daniel agger tattoo. daniel agger tattoo.
  • daniel agger tattoo.

  • Aah_GC
    06-19 08:37 AM
    Aah_GC: Lawyer might not have received it from USCIS otherwise irrational would not be writing it here :) Many who filed during July 07 fiasco have not received the 485 receipt notices (lost in mail) from USCIS.

    irrational: For EAD renewal, you can use your biometric notice as a proof of filing for I-485 to extend EAD and you make sure give correct A# on the form , with this USCIS should be able to pull your records. Also write a cover letter stating that you have not received the 485 receipt notice from USCIS, thats it. Nothing to worry, Go ahead and file without 485 receipt notice copy.

    Sure, guess I was a bit irrational :)!

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  • santosh19
    01-23 02:07 PM
    When you are switching employer with AC21 using H1B you can get a transfer to the new company for 3 years and get extensions from the new employer when that 3 year expires. So no worries... Enjoy

    If your H1-B extensions are based off your I-140 and if you make the transfer to new company and for some reason the old employer revokes your I-140. I have no idea what implications would it have on your H1-B extensions ???:(

    daniel agger tattoo. daniel agger tattoo. daniel
  • daniel agger tattoo. daniel

  • puskeygadha
    01-13 03:31 PM
    even with MTR same company can file LC for a different position
    it is completely legal

    02-07 01:11 PM
    you are the kinda guy who is screwing up everyone by filing unnecessary labors, too many I140 and clogging the system for genuine people. Shame on you.

    12-03 10:23 AM
    Do not worry about it. As long as you keep your job, you are fine. I've been thru the same situation, did not do anything special and got my GC.

    Thank you.

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